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(1994) Posted to a remote US installation in Nevada, military wife Helen Lutz (Thorne-Smith) is very nearly seduced by a dashing guy in uniform before her husband Ted (Verica) arrives. When Lt. Lutz introduces Helen to his new CO, who should it be but that smooth suitor, Colonel Andrew Case (Coyote). With clueless Ted happily sent on assignments by Case, Helen alone must fight the latter's escalating sexual advances. He restricts her to base and cuts off her communications to the outside.

Helen realizes she's not his first victim; married neighbor Paula (Toussant) set up Mrs. Lutz in trade for her own freedom. Case reveals his bachelor pad, a disused armory/fallout shelter redecorated as a love nest. Because Helen once sought therapy for depression, her frantic complaints to other army personnel are dismissed as delusions.



  • Peter Coyote......... Colonel Andrew Case
  • Courtney Thorne-Smith......... Helen Lutz
  • Tom Verica..............................Lt. Ted Lutz
  • Tom Mason................Dr. Matthew James
  • Keith Amos.........................Corporal Reed
  • Beth Toussaint...................... Paula Waite


  • Directed by Tim Matheson
  • Produced by Lori-Etta Taub
  • Written by David Chisolm from a script by Scott Abbott
  • Cinematography by Gideon Porath
  • Music by Terry Plumeri
  • Running time: 93 min.
  • Premiered on USA on December 1, 1994



Seattle Times:
"A good showcase for Thorne-Smith and Coyote manages, in the face of great odds, to make his malevolent military man interesting. "

TV Guide:
"Peter Coyote stands tall as the cracked Case, a deskbound career soldier who sublimates his battlefield ambitions into private strategies to divide and conquer individuals rather than armies."

La Prensa de San Antonio:
"Thorne-Smith makes a spunky, appealing heroine, and Coyote is all milky menace as Colonel Andrew Case. Director Matheson keeps things moving at a nice clip. In sum, a cut above the usual USA movie."

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In the words of the director:
"Peter was our first choice. He's one of those guys who are world-class and can do anything. He's like driving a Ferrari. He totally gave himself to me... The cinematographer, the production designer, the makeup person - I tried to get as many familiar faces that I could. People I know who would go an extra mile... I didn't want to make a typical TV movie. Often times you look at the movies and say, 'Haven't I seen this before?' I didn't want it to be one of those. I wanted to make it a little different."

Did you know?

  • This thriller marks the movie directorial debut of actor Tim Matheson (Animal House) who also serves as co-executive producer.

  • It was filmed in and around Los Angeles. Some scenes were shot at the empty LA office complex once used by Howard Hughes.

  • Breach of Conduct was made for approximately 2.6 million dollars.

  • Also known as Tour of Duty

  • Video available


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