Written by Alice Blanchard

Read by Peter Coyote

Available on six audio cassettes (Unabridged)

Published by Hachette Audio  (April 2004)


A howling funnel of destruction screams across the prairie and slams into the sleepy town of Promise, Oklahoma. As the mammoth twister splinters homes, shreds crops, and tosses cars through the air, only three of the town's terrified residents know that an even more malevolent force has come to torment them - and they will not live to tell anyone.

When Police Chief Charlie Grover finds three mutilated corpses in a tornado-ravaged farmhouse, his first thought is that the victims were impaled by flying debris. But his instincts tell him something different. Through solid police work, Charlie proves that they were brutally murdered and discovers that their executioner has left a particularly hideous calling card. Yet how could the killer predict exactly when and where a tornado would strike and use it to cover his tracks? Could this psychopath be one of the storm chasers who streak across the plains in pursuit of the ultimate thrill ride?

Enlisting the aid of tornado-chasing scientist Dr. Willa Bellman, Charlie will step into a chaotic world of high-tech risk-taking in search of a cunning he soon suspects is stalking him - and his lonely, vulnerable teenage daughter. For this is a killer unlike any he's ever encountered before: one who conspires with the awesome power of nature to commit and conceal unspeakable crimes.

In Blanchard's second suspense novel a serial killer chases tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas because it provides him with the perfect cover to commit murder. The killer is tracked by a police chief who soon has his own personal reason to discover the truth--the kidnapping of his daughter. Peter Coyote reads with controlled power. With the addition of gripping yet unobtrusive sound effects throughout, the production possesses a narrative drive that never slows, nor does an obligatory romance or tangential back story interfere with the force of the telling. Like a tornado, the story moves with relentless pacing toward a breathtaking conclusion, aided by fine writing and rare originality. If you liked the movie TWISTER, here it is on steroids, and with better research. Coyote is believable as small-town cop Charlie Grover and would be perfect to play him in the movie. This fact aids the imagination required by this outstanding "audio" movie."  

"Set in a region of rural Oklahoma known as Tornado Alley, this gale-force thriller charts the warped progress of a serial killer who strikes only during tornadoes and models his handiwork on their devastation. That should be enough of a charge for one book, but such is Blanchard's artistry that she whips up even more excitement by taking us joy riding with storm chasers who jump into their trucks and ride into the path of the big twisters. ...NY Times


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