What's Your Coyote I.Q.?

You say you're a Coyote fan. Okay, here are ten questions to challenge you. Answers are below.  Have fun!

  1. Which of his films also starred Julia Roberts?
  2. What is the name of his Digger pal who wrote Ringolevio?
  3. What 1980 Sam Shepard play did he star in?
  4. Which audiobook became a film starring Robert Redford?
  5. What California county does he live in?
  6. What is the name of his screenplay that he plans to direct?
  7. What college did he graduate from?
  8. What beat writer did he narrate a documentary on?
  9. In what film did he play Whoopi Goldberg's husband?
10. What is his daughter's name?

9-10 correct: (Hopelessly) Devoted Coyote fan
7-8 correct: Dedicated Coyote fan.
5-6 correct: Distinguished Coyote fan.
3-4 correct: Distracted Coyote fan.
1-2 correct: Definitely need to visit this site more often :)


Answers to Coyote I.Q. Quiz:
1. Baja Oklahoma, 2. Emmett Grogan, 3. True West, 4. The Horse Whisperer,
5. Marin, 6. Crimes of Opportunity, 7. Grinnell, 8. Kerouac, 9. Moonlight and Valentino, 10. Ariel.


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