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  2012 1962 U.S. Open: Jack's First Major


21st Century Jet: The Building of the 777


25 Steps
  2004 A&E Biography: Kevin Costner
  2005 About Face: The Story of the Jewish Refugee Soldiers of WW II


Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom


African Odyssey
  2007 Alaska Far Away


American Cinema: Part IV - The Studio System


American Experience: Edison's Miracle of Light


American Experience: Lost in the Grand Canyon
  2014 Angel Azul
  2015 Bay Area Revelations - documentary series
  2005 Berkeley


Bossa Nova: Music & Reminiscences
  2007 Brain Fitness Program
  2012 Cages of Shame
  2007 Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction


Cancelled Lives: Letters from the Inside
  2004 Carlos Castaneda: Enigma of a Sorcerer
  2014 Changing Boundaries: The History of San Jose
  2010 Chattahoochee: From Water War to Water Vision


Children and Nature: Awakening a Sense of Wonder


Color of War, The
  2004 Commune

1999 Compassion and Wisdom
  2011 Connected: An Autobiography about Love, Death & Technology


Contrary Warriors
  2019 Country Music - Ken Burns series


Cracking of Glen Canyon Dam, The


Curse of the Somers, The: Billy Budd's Ghost Ship
  2010 Cut Poison Burn


Damnedest Finest Ruins, The
  2016 Daring Journey A: From Immigration to Education
  2010 Don't Get Sick after June: American Indian Healthcare




Dreaming of Tibet
  2012 Dust Bowl, The


Earth Rescue


Emperor of Hemp


Empty Oceans, Empty Nets
  2004 Enron, The Smartest Guys in the Room


Eye on the Earth
  2018 Faces of Genocide


Fall from Freedom


Farming the Seas
  2016 Fire and Water: Restoring Arizona's Forests
  1995 First 100 Years, The: A Celebration of American Movies

1991 Flashing on the Sixties
  2007 Fog City Mavericks
  2012 For the Love of Music: The Club 47 Folk Revival
  2009 For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska
  2002 Founding Brothers
  2000 Founding Fathers
  1983 Four Corners, The: A National Sacrifice Area?
  2010 Free Wheels East
  1998 Frontier: Legends of the Old Northwest
  2000 Frontier: The Decisive Battles
  2012 Ghost Army, The
  2006 Gospel of Judas, The
  2009 Gray Eagles
  2004 Green Bus vs. The White House, The
  2011 Green Fire: Aldo Leopard and a Land Ethic for our Time
  1998 Grinnell Stories

1999 Grizzlies Diary, The
  1999 Guide to the Bodhisvattva's Way of Life, A
  2005 Guns, Germs and Steel
  2014 Healing the Warrior's Heart

1999 History of Sex, The
  2009 History of Zen Buddhism, A
  2003 Hollywood's Magical Island: Catalina
  1998 Hoover Dam
  1995 Huicholes & Pesticides

2005 Imaginging America: Icons of the 20th Century
  2000 In the Light of Reverence

1999 In the Shadow of the Tiger
  2004 In the Shadow of White Mountain
  1987 It Was 20 Years Ago Today (1997)
  1998 John Denver: Let This Be a Voice
  2007 Jukebox, The: From Edison to Ipod

1985 Kerouac
  1998 Kontum Diary: The Journey Home
  2004 Kursk: A Submarine in Troubled Waters
  1999 Landmines of the Heart
  1997 Living Edens, The: Denali, Alaska's Great Wilderness

2001 Living Edens, The: Glacier Bay, Alaska's Wild Coast

1999 Living Edens, The: Kakadu, Australia's Ancient Wonderland
  2001 Living Land, The

2007 Long Walk, The: Tears of the Navajo
  2009 Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators
  2001 LPFM: The People's Voice
  1997 Missing in Tibet
  1997 Mother - Trailer for ECO


Mayo Clinic, The: Faith - Hope - Science

1999 National Geographic: Avalanche: The White Death

1999 National Geographic: The Battle for Midway
  1995 National Geographic: Cyclone!
  1987 National Geographic: The Grizzlies
  2009 National Geographic: Inside Guantanamo
  2009 National Geographic Explorer: Inside LSD
  1995 National Geographic: Secrets of the Wild Panda

1998 National Geographic: Storm of the Century
  2000 National Geographic: Submarine I-52
  1993 National Geographic: Survivors of the Skeleton Coast
  1991 National Geographic Explorer: Wildlife Wars USA

2009 National Geographic Explorer: 24 Hours After Asteroid Impact

2009 National Geographic Explorer: Chimps on the Edge

2009 National Geographic Explorer:  Easter Island Underworld

2009 National Geographic Explorer: Electronic Armageddon

2009 National Geographic Explorer: Inside LSD

2008 National Geographic Explorer: Lost Cities of the Amazon

2009 National Geographic Explorer: Mystery of the Disembodied Feet

2009 National Geographic Explorer: Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil

2009 National Geographic Explorer: Peru's Mass Grave Mystery

2010 National Geographic Explorer: Python Wars

2010 National Geographic Explorer: Solitary Confinement

2008 National Geographic Explorer: Science of Cats

2009 National Geographic Explorer: T-Rex Walks Again

2010 National Geographic Explorer: Vampire Forensics

2009 National Geographic Explorer: Virus Hunters, The
  2008 National Geographic Explorer: Zoo Tiger Escape
  2009 National Parks, The: America's Best Idea
  2001 Natural Connections
  1999 Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco: The Fillmore
  2020 Nepal Beyond
  2009 New Metropolis, The: A Crack in the Pavement
  1991 New Range Wars
  2015 Nicklaus: The Making of a Champion
  1991 Ocean of Wisdom
  2006 Oceans in Glass
  2004 Oil on Ice
  2018 Olompali
  2008 One Man, One Cow, One Planet
  1992 Orson Welles: What Went Wrong
  2003 Out of the Blue
  1992 Pacific Century, The
  2016 Paying the Price for Peace
  2010 People's Nepal, The
  1993 Peyote Road, The
  1998 Place in the Land, A
  1990 Poison in the Rockies
  2019 The Power of I
  2009 Power Paths
  2011 Prohibition
  2000 Quartzite's Fall: A Wilderness Tale
  1986 Question of Power, A
  2006 Raise the Bar
  2010 Reclaiming their Voice
  2018 Remarkable Life of John Weld, The
  1998 Renewable Power: Earth's Clean Energy Destiny

1989 Return of the Wolves
  2015 Rise Above the Mark

1999 Rome: Power and Glory
  1997 Roots of Roe, The
  2014 Roosevelts, The: An Intimate History - Ken Burns
  2005 Sacrament, The: River of Life
  2007 San Francisco Ballet at Seventy-Five (DVD included in book)
  1998 San Francisco: Birth of a City
  1988 San Francisco in the '60s
  2009 Science of Forensics: Mystery of the Floating Feet
  1997 Secrets of 007, The: The James Bond Files

2001 Seth Eastman: Painting the Dakota
  2001 Sex in the 20th Century
  2003 Shaman of the Andes
  2002 Shape of Life, The
  1999 Shark Files, The: Sharks of the Atlantic

2005 Sixties, The: The Years That Shaped a Generation

1999 Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic
  2013 Smarter Brains


Soldiers of Conscience
  2004 Spirit Riders
  1998 Still Missing
  2006 Summerhill
  2007 Sunday Man, The

2005 Texas Gold
  2003 There's Something about W
  1997 Third Mind, The
  1997 Thousand Years of Ceremony, A
  1994 Time/Life History of Rock and Roll
  1998 Titanic: Breaking New Ground
  2001 Together in Time
  2008 Tortured Democracy
  2005 Tribe, The
  2020 Troubled Waters: A Turtle's Tale
  1985 Troupers
  1998 Understanding Series for LTC
  2006 Unfinished Journey: The Lewis and Clark Expedition (audio)
  2002 Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election
  2006 Vanishing Lions
  1991 Voices of the Land
  2001 Voices of the Sierra Tarahumara
  1992 Waldo Salt: A Screenwriter's Journey

2007 War Prayer, The
  1998 Water: Sacred and Profaned
  1996 West, The
  1999 When Buffalo Roam
  2021 Where Buffalo Roam
  2011 White Water, Black Gold
    Wild California
  2009 Wilderness: The Great Debate
  2003 Wolf: An Ancient Spirit Returns
  2006 Woodie Guthrie: Ain't Got No Home

2003 World of American Indian Dance, The
  2007 Youth Homelessness: A Growing Trend

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