Written by Carlos Castaneda

Read by Peter Coyote

Published by Audio Literature (April 1998)

Two cassettes, three hours  (Abridged)


In 1968, with the publication of Carlos Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan, the spiritual search was revealed to be as incredibly exciting as any death-defying adventure which human beings may be drawn to undertake.

As the years have passed, Dr. Castaneda has come to be seen as an anthropologist of the soul, showing us that the inner world has its own inaccessible mountains, forbidding deserts and awesomely beautiful dangers which we are all called to confront.

Listen - and - marvel - as Coyote and Castaneda draw us into a breathtaking world of magical reality and ultimate truth.


"Coyote makes us listen to Don Juan's vision with fresh ears; he enlivens this mystical search with a sense of mystery and poetry." ... Listener's Guide to Audio Books


Also available in "The Wisdom of Don Juan"



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