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Synopsis: (1981 TV film) This telefilm tells the story of Isabel Cooper (Stapleton), a widowed executive secretary, who is torn between love and a career. She has totally devoted herself to the same boss (Kiley) in a paper company for over fifteen years. After her boss retires and then proposes to her, Isabel must choose between early retirement and marriage or staying on to train her boss's successor, Wynn Thomas (Coyote). Isabel battles her loyalties and ambitions to face the most difficult decision of her life.

Director: Guy Green

Screenplay: Oliver Hailey

Running time: 100 minutes

Peter's role: Wynn Thomas

Cast: Jean Stapleton, Richard Kiley, Betsy Palmer, Mildred Dunnock, Sally Kemp and Irene Tedrow

Premiered: December 16, 1981 on CBS

"Isabel's Choice is propelled along nicely by Miss Stapleton and an actor with the odd name of Peter Coyote. Coyote, who looks strikingly like a young Raymond Massey, plays Isabel's new boss, Wynn Thomas, and energizes the role with all the force, decisiveness and shrewdness that one would attribute to a hustling and fast-rising young business executive. This is a scintillating performance."  ...Philadelphia Inquirer

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