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WINTER 2009/2010

February 2, 2010

Adding to Peter's ever-growing list of narrations is a 30-minute film called "Gray Eagles" by Chris Woods. Using vibrant, thrilling hi-def aerial photography, "Gray Eagles" shows the reunion between humble WWII Mustang ace Jim Brooks and the historic plane February, that after 60 years, he never thought he would see again. Inspired by the flood of memories that were triggered by this unimaginable encounter, the 87-year old pilot finally breaks his silence, sharing his stories and experiences of war with the grandchildren who never thought they'd hear them. The survival of history depends on the passing along of first-hand accounts. Gray Eagles shows how a long lost friend in the guise of a plane inspired one man to share his. For more information, visit this link.

Whether it's between riders of off-highway vehicles and hikers, preservationists and oil drillers or ranchers and wolf lovers, the debate over how best to manage Utah's wilderness is always intense. Tomorrow night filmmaker John Howe's documentary, "Wilderness: The Great Debate" will premiere on Salt Lake City's KUED channel. Narrated by Peter, the film will introduce the wilderness debate to viewers who know little about the issue but also challenge the viewpoints of those at the forefront of the battle. Howe is best known for his national PBS films "The Last Cowboys" and "Arctic Wars."

January 31, 2010

Filming in Gammons Gulch, Arizona, has wrapped for THE GUNDOWN, starring Peter, William Shockley, Sheree J. Wilson and Veronica Diaz. The movie, described as a "shoot 'em up western", will have a limited theatrical release and then head to DVD.  Click here for a local TV video on the making of the film. The photo on the left was taken of some of the cast and the one on the right shows Peter speaking to members of the SE AZ Economic Development Group about the impact of movie-making. It was the biggest production ever filmed at the Arizona Old West Movie Set and Museum in Cochise County.

From left, William Shockley, Veronica Diaz and Warren Neff  during filming.

James Zito is a Colorado independent film and videomaker who continues to be interested in exploring Buddhist issues on film and in the electronic media. He has been involved in helping to create electronic archives of Buddhist materials as well as documenting the progress of Buddhism in America and the west. His latest film is called, " Inquiry Into the Great Matter: A History of Zen Buddhism", narrated by Peter. It tracks the evolution of Zen Buddhism from its beginnings in the China of the T’ang Dynasty to its transfer to Japan in the 11th century and up to the present day. In three parts the film examines the growth and development of Zen by profiling the lives of some of its greatest masters who embody and exemplify various important phases in Zen history. The DVD is available with additional material including instructions on zazen practice by Yasunaga Roshi. For more information, visit this link.

Blast from the Past - Summer of 1992 in Paris:

November 30, 2009

Attention all Alaska residents! The documentary, "For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska", will have its statewide Public Television premiere tomorrow evening at 8 pm. The film, narrated by Peter, relates the struggle for full recognition by Alaska's Native people. It  centers upon the lives, during the time of World War II, of Nome resident Alberta Schenk Adams, and Juneau resident Elizabeth Peratrovich, two iconic figures in the ongoing struggles for civil rights in Alaska. It also contains much documentary material about other aspects of what was a very segregated society here in the 1940s and earlier. Produced by Jeff Silverman, directed by Phil Lucas and written by Diane Benson, the film is dedicated to Alberta Schenk Adams, who passed away midway through production.

November 25, 2009

Peter recently returned from Ciudad de la Luz movie studios in Alicante, Spain after wrapping up DI DI HOLLYWOOD, the second film by director Bigas Luna in his trilogy on the struggle of women to improve their lowly existence. Since the movie has a presence on Facebook, I've been able to capture several publicity photos taken during the shoot, which you can view on the film title link above.

After Thanksgiving, Peter will be off on a new project called THE GUNDOWN, a "western shoot'em up" movie that takes place in the Arizona desert in 1893. Peter will take on the role of Thomas Morgan with Sheree Wilson (Walker: Texas Ranger), as Sarah Morgan and William Shockley (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman), as Travis McCain. Filming is slated to begin on November 30th and will take place at Gammons Gulch Movie Set & Museum located neaer Benson, Arizona.  Silver Bullet Films is producing in assocation with Freewill Films.

In his continued relationship with Bullfrog Films, known as the leading US publisher of independently- produced, environmental DVDs & videos, Peter has narrated another one of their films. "The New Metropolis" is a groundbreaking two-part documentary on the rise, fall and revitalization of America's first suburbs. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Andrea Torrice, this is the first public examination devoted to the issues facing many suburban towns. Peter narrated Part One called "A Crack in the Pavement", which follows the story of two Cincinnati area public officials and their efforts to keep their towns stable and healthy despite difficult times to repair and improve infrastructure and lure businesses. Part Two, narrated by actress Ruby Dee,  focuses on two ordinary people, one black and one white, who made racial integration the centerpiece of revitalizing Pennsauken, New Jersey.

CBC News Network in Canada will be featuring a one-hour documentary narrated by Peter as part of The Passionate Eye Series airing on Sunday. It's called, "Science of Forensics: Mystery of the Floating Feet". Produced, written and directed by Anna Fitch, the film tells the stories of mysterious deaths and reveals the CSI science behind how each case was solved.