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March 14, 2014

Director and Executive Producer Jay Silverman has just wrapped principal photography on his first feature-length film, a dramatic project entitled THE SECRET PLACE. Co-written by “Blue Valentine” scribe Joey Curtis, along with Silverman and Joe Gamache, “The Secret Place” stars Taylor Spreitler, Peter Coyote, Gil Bellows, Mackenzie Phillips, Rex Lee, Elizabeth Pena, Amy Davidson and Amy Price Francis. Production on “The Secret Place” took place from January through February, at various locations in and around Los Angeles and Moab, Utah.
Based on a true story, "The Secret Place" recounts the journey of Hannah Green, a 15-year-old girl who is victimized by an online predator. Unable to cope with the resulting trauma, Hannah’s behavior becomes increasingly self-destructive until her family is left with no choice but to send her to a treatment center for troubled youth. Hannah’s transition is turbulent, and she refuses to cooperate until she finds a kindred spirit with its most unlikely patient. With the help of her mentors and the horse she’s formed a bond with, Hannah realizes painful truths about her past and begins to face her uncertain future.

Said Silverman, "To tell a story as sensitive and emotional as this has moved me beyond words. This film is based on a story that’s deeply personal to me. It shows how even the most vulnerable can find the strength to overcome unthinkable tragedies, and pays tribute to the people who dedicate themselves to helping them find that strength."

March 12, 2014

BBC2 and BBC America will be premiering a new 4-part documentary series called "The Real History of Science Fiction", starting Saturday, April 19th, including interviews with some of the most influential writers, filmmakers, actors, and artists in science fiction. In episode 3 called "Invasion", Peter will discuss the creation of Spielberg's spellbinding classic, "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" while Richard Dreyfuss will discuss "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

March 6, 2014

Vicki Larson of the Marin Independent Journal reports on the upcoming San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival - "Offerings include an animated film on the life of a sea turtle, a look at two women trying to make a living fishing in Nova Scotia, a documentary narrated by Mill Valley's Peter Coyote on the lingering effects on bald eagles of DDT in Southern California's waters, and an ultra open water swimmer's attempt to be the first to complete seven challenging ocean passages."

February 20, 2014

Peter will soon be adding another documentary to his long list of films. He will narrate a still untitled documentary about the history of San Jose. It will be directed by Mike Pierce and produced by Norman Kline Productions in partnership with CreaTV San Jose and History San Jose. They expect to wrap up by this summer.

As many of you know, Peter recently guest starred on the CBS show "Intelligence" and next he will guest star on Season 3 of "Perception" on TNT. Eric McCormack stars as Daniel Pierce, an eccentric neuroscientist and university professor who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Rachel Leigh Cook co-stars as his former student turned FBI agent who he often helps to solve complex cases. Peter will play Daniel's father, James Alan Pierce. The storyline is that Eric is in for a surprise when his father comes to town with some stunning news. Because their relationship is filled with past resentments, Eric is less than thrilled about the visit. The show's 15-episode third season will launch in summer 2014.

A documentary called "The Invisible Peak" about the junkyard that blemishes the highest peak on Mount Tamalpais was posted online on Valentine's Day. The 22-minute film, a collaboration by filmmaker Gary Yost, music executive George Daly and Peter, focuses on the remnants of the military's 30-year stay on land native Miwoks regarded as holy ground. The West Peak of Mount Tamalpais was bulldozed six decades ago to make way for a radar station and barracks accommodating 300. The 106-acre plateau carved at the top is now riddled with two dozen dilapidated structures that include a bowling alley and sewage facility as well as acres of foundation slabs, power lines, pipes and utility poles, as well as miles of fencing. An ambitious cleanup drive will be overseen by the Tamalpais Land Collaborative, a new consortium of local, state and federal land managers.

The film weaves newsreel clips, interviews of key players and stunning images of what remains Marin's highest spot at 2,574 feet. Daly's soundtrack includes music by British composer Michael Hoppe as well as Ron Alan Cohen of Mill Valley. Peter's narration laces the project. The film provides a historical overview as well as a spiritual perspective, aiming to generate a profound sense of the desecration of sacred ground.

January 5, 2014

There's a new TV series on CBS called "Intelligence" where you can catch Peter in a minor role. Josh Holloway stars as a high-tech intelligence operative with a super-computer microchip in his brain. The new drama also stars Marg Helgenberger as Lillian Strand, the director of the US Cyber Command and Peter plays her dad Leland. He will appear in three episodes. The series, which has an eclectic mix of action/adventure, cyberpunk, science fiction and espionage, will have a special preview on January 7 before it premieres in its regular Monday at 10 slot on January 13.

I recently came across a unique documentary with Peter, not one that he narrated, but rather one that he participated in. The 90-minute film premiered a couple years ago in San Francisco. It's called "Tie It Into My Hand", created by writer, filmmaker and violionist Paul Festa. The description reads, "An engrossing look at music and art from many different angles. Festa takes a lesson on the Tchaikovsky violin concerto from a series of artists, including actors Alan Cumming and Peter Coyote, who aren't violinists. These lessons, however, spark heated debate about music, the artist's path, teaching and more. Funny, stirring and passionate, the film will energize the artist inside you."