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Update - July 29:

Peter's next film is Main Line, directed by Rich Cowan (The Basket), produced by Millennium Films, with a script by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. Cast members include James Spader, Aidan Quinn, Matt Davis and Robin Tunney. Main Line tells the story of a man (Davis) who goes to a powerful attorney (Spader) seeking his help in covering up an accidental death. What he gets is a blackmailer that uses the situation to his every advantage. Filming began this month.

, created by the Polish brothers, opened in a limited release on July 11 and quickly received a volume of praise. Roger Ebert gave it four stars, claiming, "There has never been a movie quite like Northfork... It has the desolate open spaces of the first, the angels of the second, and the feeling in both of deep sadness and pity. The movie is visionary and elegiac, more a fable than a story, and frame by frame, it looks like a portfolio of spaces so wide, so open, that men must wonder if they have a role beneath such indifferent skies." Peter has the role of Eddie, one of six slick, black-suited, sales-types hired by the state to "persuade" the residents of Northfork, Montana, to leave their homes without incident. It's 1955 and this little town is about to disappear under the waves of a new reservoir.

northfork3s.jpg (12977 bytes)

"The experience of seeing Northfork is a bit like being inside a dream."  ...Liz Braun, Jam! Movies

"A hynotic masterpiece, it grabs hold and won't let go until you've fallen under its spell." ...Larry Carroll,

"One of the most hauntingly beautiful films ever made."   ...Annlee Ellingson, Boxoffice Magazine

"The movie elegantly mingles drama, comedy, and low-key spiritual resonance."  ...David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor

"You may resist Northfork, but I doubt you'll be able to forget it."  ...Ty Burr, Boston Globe

"Possesses an undeniable haunting grandeur."   ...Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

"Remarkable love letter to the disappearance of the American frontier."  ...Lou Luminick, New York Post

The DVD and video of Purpose hit the shelves on July 22. Purpose follows the life of John Elias (John Light), the key player in a booming late-1990s business. As Elias becomes more and more successful, he's blinded by his newfound wealth. Can he stay in the business without selling his soul? Peter plays John's father, and Mia Farrow, Hal Holbrook, and Paul Reiser round out the supporting cast. Businessman Ronnie Apteker came up with the concept for Purpose having worked in IT himself. Apteker founded Internet Solutions, and later sent the idea for Purpose to his friend Alan Lazar, a songwriter with a degree in computer science (among others). Lazar is well known for his association with SA talent Mango Groove, and he soon became the director of Apteker’s dream concept. The two allegedly broke all Hollywood protocol merely because they were unaware of the norms, and they are said to have phoned the actors personally in connection with their roles.

Update - July 2:

Back in January, WorldLink TV launched a new monthly series called "The Active Opposition" to be hosted by Peter, who would interview celebrities, public figures, politicians, journalists and other guests who have becomely actively involved in critical national and international issues. Last month the subject was - The Nuclear Lullaby: What We Are Not Being Told. For decades, the American public has been inadequately informed regarding the U.S. nuclear weapon policies and programs, nuclear testing, and the effects of radiation on human health and the environment. Peter affirmed that "it's time to end the nuclear lullaby before a deluding sleep leads to very real nightmares." To view a streaming video of this show, click here. For more information on this series, read the June 30th article from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Peter has added a new link for this site under the Archives section. It's called the Ruth Group, which provides regular News & Links, a Blog and a Forum with one purpose: to give you facts, opinions, and information about the patterns of behavior in the world that are threatening the peace and security of us all. Their intent is to help you go out amongst others and engage in discussion and argument, to challenge, persuade and change - wherever you can - such behavior and support for it. You'll find other links to groups you can join or contribute to.

The California Arts Council and its new Arts Marketing Institute (AMI), a project funded by the Wallace-Readers Digest Funds, held its debut conference, "Building Participation in the Arts," from June 30-July 1 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sacramento. Peter, one of the keynote speakers, discussed the current crisis in arts funding, and why, to a large degree, the arts community has brought it upon itself. Back in 1975, California Governor Jerry Brown appointed him chairman of the Council, and for the next eight years, Peter fostered artistic activity, brought arts to the common man, and radically altered how the arts were funded in the state.

This spring Peter returned to France to make another French movie. You may remember Bon Voyage premiered with good reviews back in April. This latest movie is a comedy drama called Le Grand Role, directed by Steve Suissa. Peter has the role of movie director Rudolph Grichenberg. It's a story of five Jewish actors in Paris who read that Grichenberg (think Spielberg) is coming to Paris to atone for all his blockbusters by making The Merchant of Venice in Yiddish. Maurice, one of the actors, has a great shot at the role; however, he's presently making his living by dubbing films and is having some trouble with his wife. When he is told he has the part, he returns home to share the good news, but before he can speak, his wife tells him she's just been diagnosed with cancer. More bad news arrives when he gets a call from his agent telling him a major Hollywood star got the role. Rather than disappoint his wife, he and his friends conspire to fake his role in this film and, as you can expect, this leads them into all kinds of trouble, including kidnapping the director.

Update - June 1:

NORTHFORK opening in New York & Los Angeles on July 11!

Originally scheduled to open June 20, Northfork will now be released three weeks later. It is expected to open in other cities at a later date. This is the latest installment from the Polish Brothers, who previously won acclaim for Twin Falls, Idaho and Jackpot, the first two films in a series about America’s Heartland, and the country's shifting dreams and visions. The film is directed by Michael Polish and written and produced by Mark Polish and Michael Polish. Besides Peter, the ensemble cast includes Nick Nolte, Daryl Hannah, James Woods, Anthony Edwards, Claire Forlani, and Kyle MacLachlan. (Die-hard fans should be able to remember another film Coyote starred in with Kyle MacLachlan, and also one with Daryl Hannah)

After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January, it received wonderful reviews - read exerpts below. And be sure to check out the movie trailer. It's awesome!

"Hats off to Michael Polish for his otherworldly slants on the barren expanse of this far-out Americana essay."  ...Duane Byrge, Hollywood Reporter

"One of the most hauntingly beautiful films ever made." Annlee Ellingson, Box Office Magazine

"A masterpiece. A visionary epic." ...Roger Ebert

"Beautifully crafted." ...Harlan Jacobson, USA Today

"Mesmerizing, enchanting and visually stunning." ...Rachel Markus,

"Let me be the first to say that Northfork is not for everyone. But a movie buff will not want to miss this visionary and difficult bit of inventiveness." ...Jules Brenner,

"Like the best work of David Lynch, Northfork is that rare movie that draws you in more at precisely those moments when you least understand it." ...Scott Foundas, Variety