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Update - November 1:

The U.S. premiere of Brian de Palma's Femme Fatale will take place on Monday evening, November 4, at the Cinema Dome in Los Angeles. I'm not sure who will be attending so check out the Entertainment channels the next day to see possible coverage. The film debuted in France in April and was also featured at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. Warner Bros. has announced a limited opening of approximately 800 venues on November 6. The femme fatale of the title is Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, who plays Laure Ash, a former jewel thief and strong manipulator. She has been attempting to recreate herself as a reputable married woman (wife of the US ambassador played by Coyote), but she soon finds herself the subject of much attention from a former paparazzo (Antonio Banderas). 

From the Birmingham Post (10/02/02) - Fashion - The Italian Job:
"When it comes to fashion, we might associate the French with couture, but it is the Italians we go to for elan. Whether it is the subtle yet sexy tailoring of Armani, the vibrant excesses of Versace, the old-fashioned glamour of Valentino, the chic accessorising of Fendi or the reinvigorated favourite of aspiring celebrities, Gucci. Cerruti has always been the less showy of the Italian fashion pack, content to dress the stars rather than hob-nob with them at extravagant parties. The fact that while Donatella Vesarce throws wedding bashes for the over-exposed J-Lo, Cerruti once chose the craggily weathered yet quietly sexy actor Peter Coyote to model their men's wear range, speaks volumes..." It was while filming Bitter Moon in Paris that Coyote made friends with Nino Cerruti, who dressed him for the film and later included him in his menswear advertising campaign for his Cerruti 1881 Collection. The photo gallery is being added to and you can now find links to both the 1994 Cerruti shoot and the 1995 Gala Magazine shoot plus interview.

Update - October 14:

pres2000.jpg (17984 bytes)Another film narrated by Coyote has currently surfaced and is now being featured in several areas including film festivals. "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election" is a one-hour documentary focusing on Florida’s role in the election battle for the Presidency. This film discusses the exclusion of 57,000 black and Democratic voters from the Florida, contrary to Supreme Court mandate. The entire sweeping of the voter-rolls for "felons" was done so carelessly that even the company doing the work warned the Governor's office that it would be highly inaccurate and were told, "We don't care." Furthermore, there's photographic evidence and identification of Republican Congressional staffers rioting outside the counting rooms and closing down the vote recounts. The Los Angeles premiere will be at The Directors Guild Theatre on October 15th at 7:30 pm while San Francisco can look forward to a screening on October 16th at the UCSF Laurel Heights Conference Center at 6:30 pm. Those wishing to purchase this film can obtain a copy by sending a $30 check or money order payable to: Alernavision, PO Box 1107, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1107.

Update - September 16
Femme Fatale Debuting in Canada Today - Bruce Kirkland, The Toronto Sun, 9/14/02:
"Infused with more cinematic fun than a barrel of scriptwriting monkeys, structured around the traditions of film noir and supercharged with a playful sexual fervour, Brian De Palma's heist thriller is fun, fun, fun. The stunning Rebecca Romijn-Stamos plays the title character, a lesbian jewel thief. While Antonio Banderas and Peter Coyote are key support players in her games-playing, it's all about the girl. And we follow her whims to extremes while De Palma plays delicious tricks, giving us all the clues we need to figure it out. Still, thanks to a crazy plot twist, it might take more than one viewing. Just pay attention during the opening shot when Romijn-Stamos, topless and reclining, is watching Bette Davis in the noir classic Double Indemnity.

Update - September 5:
There's presently not a lot to report with Peter spending so much of his time in France filming Bon Voyage. The wrap-up isn't until the end of October. This blockbuster film, starring Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Adjani, has a tentative release date of Easter 2003 in France. Filming has taken place in Bordeaux, Vichy, and primarily on location around Paris. Peter recently commented on how he's handling his French. "It is stressful but fun to film in another language. Entirely different. For instance, we breathe, mid-sentence in English, and consequently tend to stress individual words for emphasis. The French breathe and then talk, and so they tend to be more fluid. It makes the expression of feeling less localized in the individual words. For the American actor, for instance, it means that you have to continually fight your instincts about how you speak." Fortunately, it hasn't been all work and Peter was able to spend some leisure time in the beautiful resort town of St.-Tropez.

With a paycheck close to $3 million, Paramount Classics has won the rights to Northfork, the new film from brothers Mark and Michael Polish. Rarely paying that high of a price tag, they will distribute in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Latin America. The Polish brothers financed the $2 million movie themselves. Shot in Montana earlier this year, besides Coyote, the film's cast includes James Woods, Daryl Hannah, Kyle MacLachlan and Nick Nolte. The IMDB lists a release date of January 2003.

Last spring ABC's made-for-television movie, Phenomenon, was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. Based on the 1996 John Travolta movie of the same name, the new film will tell the story of an ordinary man, George Mally (played by Christopher Shyer), who sees a strange light bursting in the sky on his birthday. The following day he awakens to find he's become extremely intelligent and physically attuned. The man seeks to put his newfound gifts to good use for his mother Nora (Jill Clayburgh) and his small town, but as the word spreads, he is treated instead as a freak and a rebel. Ken Olin directed the film that also stars Coyote, Terry O'Quinn, Gina Tognoni, Stoney Westmoreland and Helmar Augustus Cooper. The movie is currently scheduled to air during the 2002-03 season on ABC.

Word has it that the rough-cut of The Hebrew Hammer is extremely funny. This Jewish comedy, filmed in NYC last spring, is in post-production with no release date at this time.

911books.jpg (9155 bytes)Peter has contributed to a book called, West Coast Writers Approach Ground Zero. Seattle poet and writer Jeff Meyers is the editor of this anthology. Among the many contributors are: Alice Walker, Ken Kesey, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Wanda Coleman and Jess Mowry. Book description: The events of September 11, 2001, their myriad repercussions, and our varied and often contradictory responses to them have inspired us to publish a collection of West Coast writers’ responses to the terrorist acts. By virtue of history and geographic distance, the West Coast has developed a community different from that of the East, but ultimately our shared interests bridge the distinctions in provocative and heartening ways. It was published by Hawthorne Books in paperback in July 2002 at $14.95. Five percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.