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October 19:

Peter has sent along some photos! As reported last month, he's making a film in Canada called Deepwater, a directorial debut for David Marfield. The cast also includes Lucas Black, Lesley Ann Warren and Mia Maestro. Coyote, in the role of this very strange motel owner/gambler, complete with glass eye and a gold tooth, says, "It's a fun film, and I love playing this character."

Meet Herman Finch...

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Taking a break to read a book - what scenery!

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September 15 -
The 26th Mill Valley Film Festival (Oct 2-12) will pay tribute to three honorees this year - Lili Taylor, Denys Arcand and Peter Coyote! His tribute will take place on Thursday, October 9, at 6:45 PM. There will be a film clips program of highlights from Peter's film career along with an onstage interview. A reception in his honor at The Depot in Mill Valley will follow. Ticket information can be found at the festival web site. Coyote made the following comments in Friday's San Francisco Chronicle:

"There's a status hierarchy to film festivals. You have Cannes, Venice, and Toronto and then there is a host of smaller festivals that have undue influence. I would put Telluride in that group, and the Mill Valley festival too. The Mill Valley festival is best at finding films and putting them in context. It's a real film lovers' festival."

"This is not a judgment, but the San Francisco festival is bigger stars, a lot of anxiety and glitz. It is kind of like the opening of the opera. The Mill Valley Film Festival is the nuts and bolts for real film lovers. I think that is because Mark Fishkin is such a pure film lover."

"I'm not a major star. I am a working actor. But I think it is important to say that acting is one of the few occupations that demands generosity. You can have the toughest face in the world, but if I don't act afraid, you're a wuss. Nobody comes to see Tom Cruise in a room by himself."

"I'm kind of shy, actually. Unlike the myth of actors, I don't like to be the center of attention. I'm more of a writer who would like to lie in the cut and watch the action. When they told me (about the honor) I was embarrassed. I mean, Sean Penn lives in Marin. I said, 'get someone important.' Let's face it, there are not that many actors in Marin. It is a little like Samuel Johnson's line about the talking dog: It is not so much that he does it well, but that he does it at all."

Peter will star alongside Lucas Black in the psychological thriller, Deepwater, written and directed by David Marfield. The movie, produced by Halycon Entertainment, is based on Matthew S. Jones' book of the same name. It will be shot in Clearwater, British Columbia. The story concerns a drifter with a mysterious past who enters the strange town of Deepwater, and is drawn into a deadly game. Peter says his character will be great fun to play - "lots of gold and chains, a bad eye and a gold tooth."

Showtime has picked up the exclusive U.S. distribution rights to A Time for Dancing, which will premiere sometime in 2004 on their channel. Filming was completed in Los Angeles during the spring of 2000. It has been available on DVD in Germany and Italy. Adapted from the Davida Wills Hurwin's novel, the movie, directed by Peter Gilbert, is described as a Terms of Endearment for the teenage set. It's the story of two high school girls whose love for dance is challenged, along with their friendship, when Jules is diagnosed with cancer. Larisa Oleynik stars as Jules with Peter in the role of her father, William. Also starring is Shiri Appleby, Scott Vickaryous and Amy Madigan.

phenomenon1.jpg (3995 bytes)Phenomenon II, a two-hour made-for-television movie based on the hit motion picture, which starred John Travolta, will air as a "Wonderful World of Disney" presentation on Saturday, November 1 (8-10 p.m. ET), on ABC. The movie's ensemble cast includes Christopher Shyer in the lead as George Malley, Jill Clayburgh as Nora, George's mother, and Coyote as Dr. John Ringold, the trusting scientist. With a new original screenplay by Gerald DiPego, writer of the original film, Phenomenon II tells the story of an ordinary man, George Malley, who sees a strange light bursting in the sky on his birthday and awakens the following day to find his IQ climbing and his body empowered. George wants to put his newfound gifts to good use for his mother, Nora, and his small town. As the word spreads, however, he is treated instead as a freak and a rebel. When the government wants to use George's talents for other purposes, he fears he'll become a scientific guinea pig. In the original feature film, the story ended with George going off into the hills, presumably to die. In Phenomenon II, his story continues. George escapes to San Francisco and begins a new life under an assumed identity. As he adjusts to life in the big city, he senses other people may share his new-found abilities.

Kudos to us! The Atlanta Journal and Constitution chose as one of their top sites for the week of August 24 - "Howlin' versatility: Get to know actor, activist and writer Peter Coyote at his site, which includes a bio, photo gallery, filmography and more."

mainline1.gif (10093 bytes)Peter's previous two films this year include Main Line and Le Grand Role. Main Line is directed by Rich Cowan (The Basket), for Millennium Films, with a script by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. Cast members include Matt Davis, Robin Tunney, James Spader and Aidan Quinn. Main Line tells the story of a man (Davis) who goes to a powerful attorney (Spader) seeking his help in covering up an accidental death. What he gets is a blackmailer that uses the situation to his every advantage. Le Grand Role is a comedy, filmed in France last April. Directed by Steve Suissa, it's the story of five Jewish actors living in Paris, and the director (played by Peter) who arrives ready to film The Merchant in Venice in Yiddish.