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November 14, 2010

Peter has narrated a documentary called "Chattahoochee: From Water War to Water Vision", produced by Red Sky Productions and ZoTV for Georgia Public Broadcasting. Filmmakers Rhett Turner and Jonathan Wickham examine the complex issues surround the 20-year water conflict between Alabama, Florida and Georgia. "Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over" - prophetic words credited to Mark Twain. Yet even he could scarcely have imagined they would one day apply to the Southeastern United States, a region better known for plentiful rainfall and abundantly flowing rivers. But for almost twenty years these three states have been locked in a fierce struggle over water. The filmmakers tell stories of individuals affected and consider possibilities for resolution, the need for conservation and the economic ramifications that will result if no action is taken. The 51-minute film was released in October.

The photo to the right reveals a much younger Coyote during his days with the San Francisco Mime Troupe back in the sixties. The girl with the tamborine is Sandra Archer, who passed away on October 12th. Though her acting career was brief, she made an indelible impression on audiences and fellow actors. While in Madrid, Peter emailed the San Francisco Chronicle with his sentiments - "Sandy Archer was simply the most luminous, gifted, brilliant actress I have ever worked with. I loved her madly, and unrequitedly, and to this day my heart quickens to think of her. Her loss hits me like a punch in the gut."

October 21, 2010

Here's an official update today from about the western, THE GUNDOWN, which was filmed last December in Arizona:

Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. announced today that it has acquired worldwide distribution for "The Gundown" starring Peter Coyote. Camelot will unveil the film at the American Film Market in November. "Westerns have strong potential for sales in retail and on television," explained Jamie Thompson, Camelot President of Distribution. "'The Gundown' has solid production value and both the costumes and set design are authentic. The filmmakers have great instincts for producing marketable films, and I foresee this being the beginning of long-running relationship." A Freewill Films Production, the cast also includes Andrew W. Walker ("Sabrina The Teenage Witch"), Sheree J.Wilson ("Dallas," "Walker Texas Ranger"), and William Shockley (Showgirls). The film follows the story of Cole Brandt who wonders into a lawless town and is asked to protect its people and to restore justice, but the final stand ends in a bloody showdown.

October 16, 2010

Here are a couple of photos taken in Spain, courtesy of photographer Sergi Jasanada.

October 14, 2010

The premiere of DI DI HOLLYWOOD was held last night at the Capitol Cinema in Madrid. It was followed by a photocall and press conference today at the Intercontinental Hotel. The first photo shows Peter with Elsa Pataky and director Bigas Luna. Other photos include cast members Luis Hacha, Giovanna Zacarias and Paul Sculfor. The Spanish film tells the story of an actress and her desire to succeed in the film mecca. Her name is Diana Diaz, a young woman who has a dream to become a star. She is bored with working in a nightclub and decides to try her luck in the Latin world of Miami. She quickly tires of casting agencies and washing greasy dishes in the kitchen of a Cuban restaurant. But soon she meets two friends who team up and travel to Los Angeles in search of their Hollywood dream. Diana, now called Di Di, soon discovers a world that is not what it seems as she becomes a victim to lies, luxury and fame.

October 1, 2010

TV Guide is presently featuring a video of Peter talking about working on NBC's LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES and sharing scenes with Terrence Howard. Apparently, it didn't take much to convince Peter to join the show. He explains, "When (series creator) Dick Wolf called me to do this, he just ran down the cast list. I said yes: I mean how can you turn this crew down?" Skeet Ulrich plays no-nonsense Marine-turned-cop Rex Winters, and actor Corey Stoll is wisecracking pop culture junkie T.J. Jarusalski. Veteran character actor Alfred Molina is prosecutor Ricardo Morales, and Terrence Howard is prosecutor Jonah Dekker. In the premiere this week, Wanda De Jesus played the police captain, but she will be replaced by Rachel Ticotin in later shows. Morales' co-prosecutor in the first few episodes is played by Paula Patton, but she was offered a film role so Regina Hall will replace her. It's  hard to believe that the franchise has been around for 20 years!

Seven years ago Peter narrated the audiobook, "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz, and on October 15th, the author's latest book, "The Fifth Agreement" will be released on CD, published by Hay House. In this sequel, Ruiz brings together the fundamentals of life as it is today with all the trials and tribulations of modern day living. He defines who we are, or perhaps should be, our relationship to God, and how we can find peace and harmony in the world.

September 25, 2010

The one-hour documentary, "Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare", has been released on DVD this month. Produced by Rich-Heape Films, Inc. the film has an on camera presentation by Peter & features Ben Night Horse Campbell, Tim Giago, President Theresa Two Bulls and Principal Chief Chad Smith. Declared wards of the state, Native Americans were promised housing, education and health care in exchange for lands ceded to the US Government. Like so many other promises, these too have not been met. The budget shortfall to the Indian Health Service continues to be about 45%. Add to this the generational trauma of subjugation, reservations, boarding schools and alienation, their health and health care is in a critical state.

There are a couple funny TV trailers for the upcoming Mill Valley Film Festival that you can watch on youtube. Peter is shown in a neighborbood coffee shop talking with his friend, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, who's actually a close friend of his. Exactly how long can you watch a guy type "War and Peace" with his nose? That is the question that Ulrich asks in one of the trailers, which were produced by the video content company BandTogether and directed by Jesse Block. Later, Peter announces he'd like to be a rock star, but admits he can't sing and is a marginal guitar player at best. Check it out!

It appears that Peter won't be spending much time in Marin County for the remainder of the year. This week he's shooting his first three episodes of LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES, which means he won't be in the premiere episode this Wednesday evening. Next week he'll be off to France to prepare for the lead role in an ARTE TV film called VALPARAISO. Perhaps some of you are unaware that he speaks French fluently! Filming will actually begin November 10th, but in the meantime, he'll spend time in Madrid for the premiere of DI DI HOLLYWOOD, as well as three weeks in China and Tibet. You can visit the film's official web site and view their trailer by clicking on the photo below.

September 20, 2010

Peter returns to television! He has joined the cast of NBC's latest Law & Order spinoff, LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES (LOLA), and will have a recurring role as District Attorney Jerry Hardin. The cast of the Dick Wollf series will include Alfred Molina as Peter Morales, Terrence Howard as Jonah "Joe" Dekker and actors Regina Hall, Megan Boone, Skeet Ulrich, Corey Stoll and Rachel Ticotin. It will premiere Wednesday, September 29 at 10 pm (EST). Peter has previously made Law & Order guest appearances. In March 2005 he played lawyer Mike LaSalle on "Law & Order: Trial by Jury" and in November 2007 he guest-starred on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent".