notepad.gif (277 bytes) PRODUCTION NOTES - PHENOMENON

Production has taken place in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the two-hour made-for-television movie based on the motion picture Phenomenon, which starred John Travolta. Among the movie’s ensemble cast are Christopher Shyer as George Malley, Jill Clayburgh as his mother Nora, Peter Coyote as the trusting scientist, John Ringold; Terry O’Quinn as the driven military officer, Jack Hatch; Gina Tognini as the concerned police officer; Stoney Westmoreland as George’s friend, Nate Pope; and Helmar Augustus Cooper as George’s confidant, Ozzy. The project will air during the 2002-03 season on the ABC Television Network.

Loosely based on the original screenplay by writer Gerald DiPego, Phenomenon tells the story of an ordinary man, George Malley (Christopher Shyer), who sees a strange light bursting in the sky on his birthday. The following day he awakens to find he’s become extremely intelligent and physically atuned. He wants to put his newfound gifts to good use for his mother, Nora (Jill Clayburgh), and his small town, but as the word spreads, he is treated instead as a freak and a rebel. The government also wants to use George’s talents for other purposes. Fearing he’ll become a scientific guinea pig, George escapes to San Francisco and begins a new life under an assumed identity. As he adjusts to life in the big city, he senses that other people may share his newfound abilities.

“Phenomenon” is a production of Touchstone Television and is executive-produced by Michael Taylor (“Phenomenon,” “Bottle Rocket”), written by Gerald DiPego (“Angel Eyes”) and directed by Ken Olin (“Alias”) for the ABC Television Network.