Written by Carlos Castaneda

Read by Peter Coyote

Published by Audio Literature, abridged

Two cassettes, 3 hrs.


In this second volume in the Don Juan series, Castaneda's teacher demonstrates the seriousness and danger of the sorcerers way. With astonishing and inescapable logic, he provides us with insight into the meaning of death.

The publication of A Separate Reality showed that there is an inexhaustible depth in the gifts that Carlos Castaneda has brought to the world.

Our ordinary reality is suffused with challenges of mythic dimension. Others have written about the hero's journey, but Castaneda leads us to it. Here, great truths are presented - permeated with humor - in a uniquely riveting fashion.


"Peter Coyote is a highly gifted reader who has unbounded love for the works of Dr. Castaneda. No better match of reader and book could possibly have been made." ... Audio Literature

"Actor Peter Coyote again reads Castaneda as no one else can... This fine, well-edited production should be of value to many in the present decade of self-reexamination and spiritual reconsideration." ... Library Journal

"Castaneda's second book, further conversations with don Juan, is again brought to life by Peter Coyote's narrative genius." ... Big Sur Tapes


Also available in "The Wisdom of Don Juan"


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