Written by Gary Paulsen

Performance by Peter Coyote

Available on CD:  three discs, 165 minutes (Unabridged)

Published by Random House Audio Publishing Group  (April 2005)

Originally released on audio cassette through Bantam Double Dell Audio  in February 1993


In this sequel to the bestselling Hatchet, Newberry Award winner Gary Paulsen is at his finest, bringing to audio the exciting adventure that pits a boy against nature for the second time in his life. "We want you to do it again." Two years earlier Brian had been stranded alone in the wilderness for fifty-four days with nothing but a small hatchet. Now the government wants him to do it again - to go back into the wilderness, to relive the anguish and peril so that astronauts and the military can learn the survival techniques that saved Brian's life. Brian's companion is Derek Holtzer, a government psychologist who will accompany the seasoned boy on his second trip into the dangerous wilderness. But during a freak storm Derek is grievously injured and Brian is again left on his own - with no supplies, the radio transmitter dead and only his wits between him and death.

"Peter Coyote plunges the listener headfirst into this exciting adventure of boy versus nature." ...
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Book Awards:
IRA/Children's Book Council -1991
Parents Magazine Best Book of the Year - 1991

About Gary Paulsen:
Survival is a theme in all of Paulsen's more than 100 books. And survival is something he knows well. He's lived in the wilderness with only a bow and arrow, sailed the ocean alone, killed bears and moose. It is Gary Paulsen's overwhelming belief in young people that drives him to write. His intense desire to tap deeply into the human spirit and to encourage readers to observe and care about the world around them has brought him both enormous popularity with young people and critical acclaim from the children's book community. He is one of the most respected writers of young adult literature today.

Original 1993 release:


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