The Comey Rule – TV Mini-series – 2020. Role of Robert Mueller.

The Disappearance – Canadian TV – Six-part mystery series – 2017. Role of Henry Sullivan, retired judge and prosecutor.

Blue Bloods – CBS crime series. Guest appearance as Senator Ted McCreary in Episode “Payback” on April 10, 2015

Perception – TNT crime series. Four episodes as James Allan Pierce – “Shiver” on July 1, 2014 “Eternity” on July 15 , 2014, “Dirty” on August 9, 2014 and “Brainstorm” on February 15, 2015.

Intelligence – CBS sci-fi series.  Three episodes as Leland Strand  – “The Rescue” on February 3, 2014, “The Event Horizon” on – March 24, 2014 and “Being Human” on March 31, 2014 

Law & Order: LA – NBC crime series – 8 episodes as DA Jerry Hardin from 2010-2011.

button_box.gif (205 bytes)FlashFoward – Guest appearance on October 22, 2009

An ABC science fiction series – Peter played the President in the episode “Gimme Some Truth”

Navy NCIS:  Guest appearance on December 16, 2008

A USA Network series – Peter played Ned Quinn in the episode “Silent Night”

Law and Order: Criminal Intent – Guest appearance on November 15, 2007

A USA Network series – Peter played writer Lionel Shill in the episode “Self-made”

Brothers and Sisters – Guest appearance on four episodes in 2007

An ABC series – Peter played professor Mark August in four episodes, “Grapes of Wrath”, “Bad News”, “Three Parties” and “All in the Family”

Commander in Chief – Premiered September 27, 2005

The Inside – Fox Series – June 9 – July 13, 2005 (see special page)

Peter played FBI profiler Virgil “Web” Webster

Law and Order: Trial by Jury – Guest appearance on March 4, 2005

An NBC series – Peter played lawyer Mike LaSalle in the episode – “41 Shots”.

The 4400 – Appeared in six episodes in the first season and two episodes in the second season.(see special page)

A USA Network science fiction series in which Peter plays Homeland Security Chief Dennis Ryland.

The Active Opposition- 2003-2004

WorldLink TV launched this new monthly series hosted by Peter, who interviewed celebrities, public figures, politicians, journalists and other guests actively involved in critical national and international issues.

The Division – two episodes in June 2002

A Lifetime Cable series, which explores the personal and professional lives of a group of female police officers in San Francisco. Peter played the boyfriend of Capt. Kate McCafferty, played by Bonnie Bedelia.

Announcer for Academy Awards – March 2000  (See special page)

Guest on the Charlie Rose Talk Show – July 19, 1999  (See special page)

Peter talks with Charlie Rose about his life in the ´60s and his book, “Sleeping Where I Fall.”

Arts & Minds on Bravo – 1998

Book Tour TV Appearances – April & May, 1998

TV appearances on local channels in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston.

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher – April 21, 1998

Other guests included actor Daryl “Chill” Mitchell; Chairman and CEO of Georgette Mosbacher Enterprises, Inc., Georgette Mosbacher; musician Trace Adkins.

Host for HBO’s Free Preview Weekend – April 3-5, 1998

Cybill – “The Love of her Life” – September 22, 1997

Shown on CBS, Coyote played a movie director named Roger who Cybill once loved. Access Hollywood did a segment on the taping of this particular show.

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher – August 20, 1997

Besides Coyote, other guests included: Barney Frank, Congressman from Massachusetts’ Fourth District. Lisa Schiffren, contributing editor of The American Spectator and former speechwriter for Vice President Dan Quayle. Beth Lapides, host, creator and executive producer of Comedy Central’s “Uncabaret” comedy special. The transcript is no longer available online.

Fallen Angels Series – “Professional Man” – October 15, 1995

Fallen Angels was Showtime’s film noir anthology and “Professional Man” was the story of a dark homosexual triangle. An elevator operator brings in extra money by moonlighting as a professional hit man. Starring Peter Coyote and Brendan Fraser. 30 minutes. Director Steven Soderbergh received a CableACE nomination for Directing a Drama Series or Special.

Arsenio Hall – 1990

When The Man Inside was about to make its debut, Coyote made a guest appearance to promote the film. (Transcript coming soon!)

Avonlea – “Old Quarrels, Old Love” – 1991

Coyote received an Emmy nomination for Best Guest Actor in a Series.

Twilight Zone – “Shadow Play” – April 4, 1986

In this remake of the 1961 story from the old series, a condemned man (Coyote) claims that everyone is part of his nightmare and will cease to exist if he’s executed. Dennis Weaver starred in the original. Shown on CBS. Teleplay written by James Crocker based on a story by Charles Beaumont. Directed by Paul Lynch. Cast also included: Janet Eilber, Deborah May, Raymond Bieri, William Schallert, William Smith, Earl Billings, George O. Petrie, Guy Boyd, Hank Garrett, Ella Raino Edwards, Gilbert De La Pena.

The Hitchhiker – “Last Scene” – March 26, 1986

The Hitchhiker was an adult anthology presented on HBO offering half-hour psychological thrillers with each story intended as a cautionary tale. In the “Last Scene” Alex, (Coyote), a former actor-turned director, tries to prove his abilities as a director. In his first film he must deal with a first-time actress, Leda Bidell (LaGena Hart). When Leda realizes his scheme, she enacts the last scene with him in reality and instills in him a fear that haunts him for the rest of his life.

The Booth – “Bread” – October 9, 1985

Shown on PBS, this 90-minute special was a three-part drama with Coyote starring in “Bread.”

The Insiders – “All This and the Old School Tie” – December 18, 1985

An ABC series.